Re: For our overseas friends.

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For our overseas friends.

Как выглядит добыча драгметаллов "летающей тарелкой"


Kushelev: Aliens get rar chemical elements, Method: Controllable ion diffusion.


Re: For our overseas friends.

Формы, механизмы, энергия наномира. Сообщение 97 059

Пикотехнология для менеджеров и заказчиков (Татьяна Рясина)

For our overseas friends.

Send us the nucleotide sequence of proteins of interest to you and get the exact secondary structure of the protein in a day. The subsequent construction of the tertiary structure is done manually and therefore will take more time, up to a week (the technology needs full automation)


Dear colleagues!

We have developed a method for constructing the exact spatial structure of proteins, which according to our studies is encoded in the nucleotide sequence.

We are ready to produce interesting protein structures for you.

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Kushelev
Head of Nanoworld Laboratory

Valintin Yakim